Contact us

For general discussions and comments about the use of Bowland Maths in the UK, we suggest that you use the NCETM Forum or your social network of choice. We are thinking of setting up our own Bowland Maths forum, but are unsure of the demand - if you would be interested, please let us know.

If you have a technical query or suggestion that you want to send to the Bowland Maths team, please use the form below, but please bear in mind that Bowland Maths is no longer a funded project, and these queries are being handled by volunteers, so we can't promise a speedy response to every query. Also note:

  • You no longer need to buy a license to use Bowland Maths outside of the UK
  • Schools are free to copy the materials for educational use and install material on their VLE/Intranet, but we can't promise any technical support for this

Apologies to anybody who's queries have gone unanswered in the last few months: we had a technical problem with the feedback form on the old website that meant the messages were lost.